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I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.
All I know, is I don’t want to work at FM where they promise me things and they don’t follow through.
Without Nathan, I don’t belong anywhere.
Can’t hangout with couples & can’t hangout with coworkers.
because nathan is the favorite, even though he is the bigger a-hole and sleeping with someone from work =/
he’s loving humiliating me.
i just do my job. like i’m supposed to.
And go on dates in private.

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Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool… in HD

If we add the word “leaked” to this will it make it more exciting? If “leaked” means “uploaded by the animation studio” then this is even more “leaked” than when “leaked” meant “shown to 1000’s of people at Comic-Con”. 

It’s literally perfect. Ryan Reynolds is not only the perfect choice for Deadpool, it was also the character he wanted most to play.

Blame Fox for not being able to get their shit together and make this movie, because it’s the best Deadpool adaption we’d get.


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Online dating fail again.

So I met this guy Tim on Plenty Of Fish.
He just wants to send dick pics. Which was fun to flirt with at first.
But I can’t even get him to talk to me about his day.
Now he’s in Colorado for a week and has not text me anymore.
Whatever Tim Dore. All your friends on Facebook are tattooed girls, models, and strippers. I don’t fit in any of those categories - clearly you just want to get laid anyways.

Then I started talking to a friend Joel that I used to know.
He’s like “what days to you have off, i wouldn’t mind cuddling with you one bit.”  So I tell him, and he’s like cool. then he doesn’t tell me what day or time is good for him and he just gets offline. Today, he hasn’t brought it up or even talked to me when i know he’s online. we’ve not talked about hanging out.

ugh. men are retarded. lol