The Enemy

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright...

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Anonymous asked: Who was your biggest crush in high school?

Oh geeze. I think I’ve answered a question like this a long time ago.
Tom Anderson.
I was in love with him. He moved away. We talked and messaged almost every day. 2 years later he finally comes back to meet me at a coffee house - and he bypasses it with a girl.
I probably overreacted, lol - but when you’re waiting to see the man you love and he just strolls by with another girl? - I got up and left.
Never saw him.
And he never talked to me again.
Still miss him though. I’d love to get in contact with him again, we were good friends, though i’d doubt he’d want to.

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Anonymous asked: I bet you're amazing in bed!! Do you porn a lot?

Hah, uhm, idk, i don’t have sex with me often.
Do I watch porn?
Not really, if I do, I watch hentai. I know that’s weird for some people.
But watching real people makes me so uncomfortable. I feel like a peeping tom.
(And yeah, most hentai is weird. just gotta fast forward so you don’t know any of the weird story and just see the sex bits.)

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Anonymous asked: Would you ever date a girl?

That a tough one. I do find punk-ish skinny girls who are shorter than me pretty attractive. (even though i have a huge girl crush on Erika Linder and Kate Moennig)
But I don’t think I could have sex with a girl ever. It’s just not for me.
I could cuddle one real hard maybe.
Be besties and hold hands and shit.

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Anonymous asked: Would you consider yourself a sex addict, and would you ever do a three way with guy and another girl?

Haha, no. I’m just very sexual. For instance - If I only get to see someone once a week, we’ll probably just have sex, off and on, the entire day. If a guy is willing to put forth the effort of foreplay and teasing, I can have sex every day.

Why can’t it be with another guy? I’m actually a very monogamous person. I don’t like sharing. At all.